TCDD Women's Platform will go to Eskişehir with High Speed ​​Train tomorrow due to Mother's Day

TCDD Women's Platform, Mother's Day due to the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) tomorrow to Eskisehir, will meet with mothers.
In a written statement of TCDD, members of the TCDD Women's Platform chaired by Sevim Karaman, tomorrow morning at 09.00 will go to Eskisehir YHT said.
TULOMSAS and TCDD 1. the platform that will meet the working mothers in the area member, the statement stated will perform a series of visits, the platform members, Turkey's first indigenous car Revolution toured the famous Wood Market campuses with historical houses after reportedly will visit.
The statement, the women who will participate in various activities in Eskisehir, the same day at 16.00 will return to Ankara with YHT were recorded.

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