The realization of the metrobus annoyed Istanbulite

IETT'ın obscured metrobus showed empty ad showed very harsh reaction from citizens. Social media demolished empty metrobus Kadir Topbas also showed reaction.
The commercial for the event was unpublished. Actor Vatan Şaşmaz'ın ad and the obscured metrobus empty advertising film, especially on the social media reacted.

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas, A Haber, evaluated the reactions yesterday “Of course, not as empty as shown in the advertisement. It's probably an advertisement shot in an empty metrobus. Could have been a little busier. If they had shown me your script, I wouldn't have said it. I told them to prefer a little busier hours..

Afterwards, IMM Press Advisor Ahmet Faruk Yanardağ made a statement and explained that the advertisement was removed because Kadir Topbaş did not find it realistic.

Vatan Şaşmaz, the leading actor of the commercial, said that he was upset that the epchies had sometimes exceeded the limit. Speaking to CNNTürk Cuneyt Ozdemir Sasmaz, he read a large number of laughs, but metrobuses are empty during the day, he said. “It's just getting too crowded at work, Ş said Şaşmaz.

Şaşmaz said that he did his job as an actor and did not think that the film would be the subject of such a discussion., They said, “Play this, you are playing, you have no other savings. Those who do this have to think. But I want to say that it is a film made in good faith..


IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı said that they will review the commercials while joining the program by phone. Baraçlı, Vatan Şaşmaz'ın also emphasized that new more different advertising films can be taken with the suggestion that the sole purpose of improving the culture of public transport, he said.


Vatan Şaşmaz, who plays in the advertisement, does not ride his private vehicle but takes a ride without sitting and pushing into the “empty” metrobus.

The comments written on social media, which have been shaken for two days about the commercial, are striking:

  • Vatan Şaşmaz'ın played iett ad, surreal bi'ç working as I liked very much, I almost admired.
  • Vatan Şaşmaz'ın IETT Metrobus How good promotions in the advertising. Come to me at a time, what a fight, what curses, what people filled overflowed, crushed

  • iett V Şaşmaz'ın metrobus line passing in front of his house made empty, we do not know!

  • I wasn't surprised that Vatan Şaşmaz was released in an empty metrobus (if he got on 05.30), but I was shocked that he greeted the IETT driver and responded.

  • In the promotional video of the IETT joke, they missed something ”.. The hostess does not come and ask the passenger for breakfast eli What do you want your omelette?”


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