Yusuf Sünbül: Urban Traffic and Light Rail Systems

The traffic problems of the cities are discussed on various platforms, solution proposals, the pros and cons of the projects are revealed, the costs are calculated and the brocratic activities are implemented or the projects are canceled. While local governments determine the costs in this regard; townspeople [more…]


R & D Project Market for Rail Systems in Eekisehir starts

The Eskişehir R&D Project Market, which has been made traditional by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry in order to support technological development and to ensure cooperation in Eskişehir, starts tomorrow. Organized for the fourth time this year, the event will start at 09.00 at Anemon Hotel and will continue throughout the day. [more…]

54 Argentina

Nationalization of Railways Planned in Argentina

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez completed the investigation into the train accident in which 51 people died and demanded that those responsible be found as soon as possible. Fernandez also signaled that the railways might be re-nationalized. Last week in Argentina, 51 lives [more…]

52 Army

Çambaşı Plateau 10 Million Dollar Facility

Ordu Governor Orhan Düzgün said that there have been positive developments in the works initiated to make Çambaşı Plateau a ski resort. At Çambaşı Ski Center, the construction of a 300-meter 'beginner track' has been completed, and this can later be increased to 200 meters for skilled skiers. [more…]

35 Bulgaria

Bulgarian Railways Strike Off

The 24-day strike of workers at the Bulgarian State Railways (BDJ), which is on the verge of bankruptcy, has ended. After 2500 hours of negotiations between the union and the government, which organized the strike against the planned 13-person staff cut in BDJ, the collective [more…]

06 Ankara


I closed the railroad. That's it, ”I've closed,“ he closes. Closed road; Turkey's railway between Istanbul and one of the world's largest city, the capital of the Republic of Turkey in Ankara. 15 million people per year travel this two [more…]

18 Cankiri

Skiing Up to May in Ilgaz

Ilgaz Mountain in Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter, the snow was stated that kalanlıg of 2.20 m was reached. It is reported that the snow thickness on Ilgaz Mountain increased from 1.90 to 2.20 meters due to the snowfall that has been effective for the last two days. The air temperature is minus 5 [more…]


TCDD's rail tender is in Kardemir.

Kardemir, the bid price has been announced by TCDD as 26 million 684 thousand 500 Euros, and the technical and commercial evaluation process continues ”. KARABÜK - Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (Kardemir), rail opened by TCDD General Directorate [more…]

34 Istanbul

From the aerial land producing Noya metrobus demand the stops.

Çetin Ateş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Noya Group, developed a project for intersections and metrobus stops by producing land from 'air. If the project goes beyond bureaucracy, the stops will become a modern living space. Businessman Çetin Ateş is a man of Istanbul, where urban transformation is on the agenda. [more…]


Today in History: 28 February 1888

28 February 1888 Hirsch donated 12 million francs to open Jewish schools in Galicia. When the construction of the Belova-Vakarel line was finished, the Bulgarians invaded and the Ottoman Empire refused. Similar News: Today in History: 11 February 1888 Sirkeci Station building [more…]

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