UTIKAD: Tolerance is over in railway, running time

UICAD President Turgut Erkeskin emphasized the need to focus on railway freight transportation in order to reach the targets of 2023 in logistics.

Turkey's air, sea and road in the restructuring and privatization of successful steps in that, but that he never recorded the same progress in the railway International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association (UTIKAD) President Turgut Erkeskin, "investment in the railway for more passenger transportation, we are a little bit We are not jealous of them. In the same way, investments should be accelerated in freight transportation ğ.

Referring to the importance of liberalization of the railway, Erkeskin said that liberalization should be provided as soon as possible, but before that all preparations should be completed on infrastructure and equipment. Erkeskin, said: açık Liberation in the railways came up. What do we understand without liberalization? Separation of infrastructure and superstructure. There are various models of it in the world. Our expectation is that the infrastructure remains in the state, the state in the superstructure there may have a say on DETAŞ but it must be in the same way as the private sector. What is important here is the lack of a synergetic relationship between the infrastructure and the infrastructure of the state. We should be able to compete with the state's superstructure in the same conditions. He should not reflect the advantages arising from his infrastructure as owner operator and his malicious positions. I guess that this issue will be discussed frequently in the coming period. We are in constant contact with the Association of Railway Transporters (DTD). They have the same opinion. But this change, that is, the liberalization of the railway is not something that will suddenly happen. The infrastructure must be ready. The private sector needs to be strengthened. Because there are giant companies in the world. If you make a move to liberalize today, one of these companies come and take a very serious share in the sector and push the local investor out of the system. So we have to be very serious on this. With these developments, the need for locomotive and wagon will increase. Therefore, companies need to be ready for this in terms of equipment. We could tolerate a little delay in the liberalization of the railway, but now we have to take quick steps or even run. We hope that in the next two years we will be ready and this is achieved. "

”Logistics master plan required“

Erkeskin stated that the establishment of logistics villages as well as the liberalization of the railway would play a very important role in achieving the 2023 logistics targets, and added: ı We have three basic expectations in logistics. Increasing mobility, ensuring speed and reducing costs. In order to fulfill these, we must establish our logistics centers. And these centers must have a railway connection. Their size needs to be established according to the need to establish connections with other logistics centers in Turkey and abroad. A master plan is required for this. We have a master plan study in UTİKAD. Soon we will produce a model and share it with the sector. Yakın

Erkeskin stated that there are some shortcomings in the sector and there are some shortcomings in the sector. We also need to close these gaps, Bu he said.

ECOLPAF signatures at the end of the month

The last stage of the establishment of the Federation of Logistics Service Providers Associations (ECOLPAF), giving information that the last stage, President UTKAD Erkeskin Turgut, the Middle East and Caucasus countries, consisting of the representative of the country's 10 end of November will meet in Tehran to sign for ECOLPAF said. on the issue Erkeskin found the following statement: "This signature results in Turkey is assuming the general secretary of the federation. So all this work will be coordinated through Turkey. We work on an integrated basis with Europe, and we are adding Middle Eastern and Caucasian countries. We now know that Caucasian countries, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran, countries with no connection other than the sea. And they need to use these three countries in bringing their imports from the world to their countries while opening their foreign trade to the world. But we need a standardization in these countries, we need to develop the infrastructure. We need training. Therefore, these are the most important issues that will focus on the federation. We will therefore provide logistical support for Turkey's vision of a better way foreign trade with that region. This will make a huge contribution to the creation of corridors to be established with China through these countries. ECOLPAF is a very important project supported by our government. EC

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