Tender for the procurement of trains that can make 350 kilometers per hour

TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman, 350 per hour per hour for the purchase of trains said they will be awarded in October.

Karaman, AA correspondent, said the next month's auction will be held one hour per hour 350 speeding train to make a total of 6 pieces of trains planned to make the purchase, he said.

High speed train to be used in the Ankara-Konya High-Speed ​​Train line, Ankra-Konya between the transportation time of 1 hours will fall to 15 minutes that attract attention Karaman, X I hope to go in a short time 1 hours 15 minutes. We will be auctioned in October. We will take six high-speed trains by tender. One will be the 350 speeding train, but the 300 mileage will be run quickly yapan.

Karaman, Konya-Ankara line, 350 kilometers, speed, which is done in accordance with the train expressing,, Here we call our kurp, there is nothing called bend. The area in Konya is more flat than the Eskişehir line. Since the area is flat, the train goes more linearly. Even the material used, the structure of the land, everything fit it. The certification body also gave a report here. We got the 350 mileage report. We will take train and start the trials. İ

Karaman, Konya-Eskisehir high-speed train line is ready, this year, and even planned to start the voyage by recording this year, bu We are planning to open this year, but have not yet set the date. Here, we will open the Eskişehir line when the system is in Ankara-Konya line. There is a lot of density on the Konya-Ankara line and we need to increase the flights. Konya

Expressing that rapid train service facilitates travel and that its impact on social life is felt immediately, Karaman said: ı There are positive reactions for Konya right now. When the trips between Ankara and Konya were made easier, visitors to Ankara visited the Mevlana Museum in Konya. Mevlana visits have doubled. From here, people go and visit. When the Eskişehir line is opened, visits will be even more intense. Polatli-Konya will be an hour. Konya may be the crossroads of the high-speed train. “Karaman pointed out that the high-speed train projects took place in Karaman, Adana, Mersin and later Antalya in the 2023 year targets: aman Konya can be a junction in terms of high-speed train. High-speed train projects are indeed the country's prestige projects. Very important to us. Citizens traveling by this train feel the same way as they feel when they start to be proud of themselves and their countries. They see their country as a reason to love more, they take great pleasure. In the future, all the provinces will ask for a high-speed train. This will be reflected in politics, and indeed our government is also very supportive.

In particular, our Prime Minister is interested in the high-speed train. Our Minister of Transport is giving us tremendous support and we feel his breath on our back. So we work harder. Dolayısıyla

And Our first base in Bursa and

Karaman, the foundation of the first high-speed train line at the moment Bursa-Bilecik, stating that they are doing here, the work will be started soon, he said.

Karaman also told that they will start the construction of Ankara-Izmir line in Polatlı and Afyon, and that they will complete the construction of Istanbul, 2013, Sivas, 2014 and Bursa and Afyon high-speed lines at the end of 2015. Karaman said that the construction of the Izmir high-speed train line could end towards 2016.

Karaman said that the works on the construction of the high-speed train line would move towards the East. An We have efforts to unite Erzurum, Kars and Tbilisi Hızlı.

”There is no problem in the part of the Hejaz railway up to Jordan“

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who gave information about the construction works of Hijaz, stated that the works will continue with the Istanbul, Konya lines. We made an agreement with Syria on the Gaziantep-Aleppo high-speed train line. They're making a deal with Jordan. There is no problem in the part of the Hejaz railway up to Jordan. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh wants to make. They also took the Mecca-Medina line. So the railways not only in Turkey to Central Asia, Iran, Russia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and even strive to be done up to this region and North Africa. "

Ücü Competitive power of high-speed train “

Expressing his belief that high-speed train projects will increase the importance of railway transportation, Karaman concluded his words as follows: önem The high speed train has very competitive power. In the past, we didn't have a high-speed train, and we used to carry the 10 of the passengers on the routes with the high-speed train line. Now we are carrying 75%. A little more time will be reduced to 90 this time, including special tools. No one goes to Eskişehir anymore. They're trying to use the train. If you have a fast train between the two cities, the vast majority of you are carrying the fast train. Our goal is that, when a person travels in any place, we want to get the fastest train of transportation that will come to your mind. If we can accomplish this, as in the past the fact railway in Turkey will increase in popularity. "


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