MarmaraRing İstanbula One More Crazy Project

MarmaraRing İstanbula One More Crazy Project

12 il fast train to connect with each other.

Marmara Ring will travel around the Marmara Sea. If this project is implemented, a person sitting in a house overlooking the strait in Çanakkale will be able to go to his work in Istanbul in a short time.

According to TRT News, a new project came up before the end of the excitement of the crazy project meden Kanalistanbul “announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the election. The name of the project which aims to connect the 12 province in the Marmara by high speed train; İnan Marmararing ara çılgın The owner of the project is Serdar İnan, who is named after a crazy architect with his interest in the Kanalistanbul project.

Between Çanakkale and Istanbul 40, Bursa-Istanbul Between 30 and the future

In case of realization of this project, Istanbul's transportation problem will be solved radically.

Ecek You can turn the whole Marmara very quickly. The most remote area, the furthest away from the Marmara, will reach the most remote station in 1 hours. You will live in the Dardanelles, 40 minutes later you will come to work in Istanbul. You will live in Bursa 30 minutes later you can come to Istanbul. Istanbul will expand in this sense, İstanbul he said.

The starting point of the project is to stop the horizontal expansion of Istanbul to Tekirdağ and Kocaeli and to ease transportation.

Architect Serdar İnan said, İstanbul Now you know Istanbul linear. A linearly settled city in the East-West sense. Because of the natural nature of a ring logic. In this sense, traffic problems are not solved, can not be solved or solved at very large costs. Here we can move Istanbul to the whole Marmara, in this sense we can relieve the traffic bütün.

It is estimated that the cost of this project will be around 3 billion dollars. Inan is not concerned about the financing of Marmararing.

Mimar İnan said, bula We can find the financing of this very comfortably. In March we will go to a fair in France. We will be seeking financing for Istanbul projects. We will also share this with our state when we find the financing Finans.

Project expects to be presented to Binali Yıldırım

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